Richard Lee, Oaksterdam and the Feds – HAPPY 420!


Probably everybody who is reading this blog has seen the┬áKony 2012 video that went viral, amassing 28 million hits in its first day. When we say “viral”, we think of something spreading instantaneously over a wide swath of demographics. However, some things spread more like cancers. They don’t necessarily infect a large swath of people, […]

U.S. v. $186,416 in Currency (9th Cir. – Oct. 20, 2009)

From Scott and Shaun via Facebook — Here’s a timely opinion. Particularly given the Obama administration’s recent statement that it will generally no longer go after medical marijuana clinics as long as their activities are legal under state law. (Needless to say, the focal point of this exception is right here in California.) The opinion […]

Oakland Cannabusiness

Oakland voting on pot tax backed by advocates Matthai Kuruvila, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, July 19, 2009 At Coffeeshop Blue Sky on 17th Street in Oakland, patrons can buy lemon bars filled with 10 doses of cannabis hash with a recommendation from a doctor. Get there fast. The “edibles” here fly off the shelves. Walk […]

SF GATE: More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries than Starbucks in San Francisco

  There are so many aspects to the story below that I hardly know where to begin when discussing it. First, it is an unfair comparison because the feds are comparing all the stores of one industry with one brand of another. Obviously, this is unfair to coffee drinkers. It destroys their implied contention that […]