• marijuanausersbillofrights

    The Marijuana Users Bill of Rights

    Friday, August 29, 2014

    In mid-August I attended Seattle Hempfest. It was the first Hempfest since the implementation of I-502, which passed by popular vote in 2012 and “legalized” marijuana in the State of Washington. What Washington has is not legalization and it is clear to me we must define what legalization really means to users of marijuana through a Marijuana Users […]

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  • 9-4359

    3 Reasons to Use Light Deprivation Techniques

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Three reasons I encourage outdoor gardeners to use light deprivation techniques are: Exposure to UVB light increases THC production. Harvest happens before cooler, damper Fall weather sets in. Plants are harvested before law enforcement typically comes around. The amount of THC a plant produces increases as it receives more UVB light. UVB light is highest […]

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  • jerrybrown87


    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    I heard the news today, oh boy… And though the news was very sad, I just had to laugh…   Of course everybody understands that I’m talking about Governor Brown of California, who just announced that he would wait and see how the Colorado and Washington legalization laws work out before he would sign a […]

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  • by ricardodiaz11 - (flickr, 2009)


    Tuesday, February 11, 2014

    California is about to suffer from a marijuana shortage that will drive prices sky-high in the next year throughout the whole country. The reason: the record-breaking drought the state has been experiencing for the last three years. This year has been the worst. Where I live, in Oakland, we usually receive 17–21 inches of water […]

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Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #40: Time to Plant!

Have a South Facing Window? Got a South facing window that gets unobstructed light all day? Let that sunlight work for you! No matter whether you live in the city, the country or suburbs, high rise or tiny cottage, if you have the light you can grow the herb NOW. If you have clones or […]


Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #39: Hash Making

I’ve got something special for you all today. After last season’s harvest I created this short video describing the hash making process. Both beginners and those with experience should check out this instructional video so that when you wind up with excess material this harvest you’ll know exactly what to do with it! Happy Hash […]

Gibberelic Acid

Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #38: Hermaphroditism

My NYC Diesel plant is in the 3rd week of flowering and is a hermaphrodite. In almost all of the flowering tips, there are one or two little male flowers growing. I have a few other all female plants that I have separated from the hermie by moving them to another closet at the other […]


True Patriotism

You’ll see that I’m full of ideas this week, here’s another one. The one solution to the U.S.’s economic woes that everyone in government turns a blind eye to is a cutback on our biggest expenditure– preparing for war and then warring other countries. Perhaps we need an indirect route to becoming a peace-loving country. […]


A New “NewsHour”

I heard the news recently, oh boy. It seems Chevron is trying to repair its holes and has decided to plug the leak of $2 million a year streaming into The PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Frankly, I don’t understand why they did it. Lehrer has been pretty kind to them, as kind as […]


What One Person Can Do

It is amazing what one person can do, especially if that person is willing to make a big sacrifice. Take for instance Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire last December because he could no longer tolerate being humiliated by the police. He set off the Arab Spring, which is still […]