American Justice and the Dana Beal Trial

September has been a bad month for Obama. The stock market is down, more soldiers than ever were killed in Afghanistan, the Palestinians are being uppity. And the New York Times reports that small donors are holding back. What do you expect? Obama is incapable of rational leadership because he’s suffering from MDS. This man needs […]


Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #34: More Harvest tips

I’ve been traveling through Northern CA and it looks like this year could be the largest harvest ever. With government funds cut for search and seizure, and the federal government concentrating on federal lands, more people than ever will be bringing in a larger part of their crops. I predict prices will drop dramatically on […]


Know your Rights!

Recently I discovered this video footage that I feel obligated to share with my fellow citizens. This is a video of routine traffic stop. At the start of the video the police officer approaches the car to inform the driver that his license had come back clear and that he would not be writing him […]


A tip from Ed: Marijuana Tinctures

There are some movies that have to be watched stoned. You can get high before the movie or bring a cookie, but it’s strictly taboo in most theaters to light up. So you’re right in the middle of watching  a movie and you realize you want to be stoned. You can’t light up, the cookie […]


Ask Ed Marijuana Grow tip #33: Heat and Light

Fall is coming on and plants are in bloom. The question in many areas is whether the plants will ripen before the bad weather sets in. The speed of growth of the ripening process is determined by several factors; light and temperature being the two most important determinants. The more light the plants get, the […]

Party Party

Send Colbert a message! Support Ed Rosenthal for President in 2012!

Folks, the results are in. I had given up hope on whether I would be able to make an informed decision on my candidacy after the exploratory committee disappeared en route. It was at the World Famous Cannabis Club in Portland, Oregon where I received the revelatory answer. I was sitting at a table there […]