I heard the news today, oh boy…

And though the news was very sad,

I just had to laugh…


Of course everybody understands that I’m talking about Governor Brown of California, who just

announced that he would wait and see how the Colorado and Washington legalization laws work out

before he would sign a legalization bill.


And this from a governor who people said had a hole in his head, and who was called Governor

Moonbeam during his first stint in office in the seventies, when he signed one of the first

decriminalization bills in the county. Now, of course, he’s a grumpy old man.


A younger Moonbeam

He said that the world is a dangerous place and people have to be alert all the time. He is afraid

potheads would destroy the state’s esprit de corps. Does he believe his decision not to legalize

marijuana is going to stop one person from obtaining it and enjoying its wonderful effects?

I appreciate Brown’s honesty and am actually happy that he announced his decision. Yes, I just had to



We know that petitioning to the legislature won’t do any good because the governor won’t sign the bill.


Therefore, our efforts must be focused on a 2016 initiative.


Thank you, Governor Brown. Now we know where you’re at and what we need to do. We don’t need

you, because in 2016, we have the demographics and the election is ours. And we won’t have to make

the compromises we would have had to make in legislation politics. You have helped us determine our

strategy and policy for the next two years.


Sorry, Governor Moonbean, you are crazy.


When you win the gubernatorial race in 2016, one of your jobs will be enforcing new marijuana

legalization laws that turn regulation from criminal to civil. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it because, being a “law

and order” governor, you’ll be able to get more cops to chase real criminals and lean down the criminal

justice system, which is the only portion of government that is still bloated.


The voters will decide the laws. The die is cast. You’ve made the decision. And if you don’t like what we

do, remember you should’ve done it yourself.


He blew his mind out in a car.

He didn’t notice that the lights had changed.

A crowd of people stood and stared.

Thev’d seen his face before.

Nobody was really sure

if he was from the house of lords.

I’d love to turn you on.

  1. Mark Fane says:

    I voted for Gov. Brown in 1996. I respected his intelligent, libertarian, well thought idea’s. Gov. Brown has done well in California. His comment dismisses a potential windfall of job growth in various sectors, new CA tax revenues, and intelligent leadership. California was the first State to “legalize” medical marijuana in 1996, yet remains a non-regulated mess. Gov. Brown says, “We have Medical Marijuana.” and. . . Recent Federal Govt guidance requires a State to regulate and enforce new Cannabis laws. CA is the butt of jokes regarding proper Cannabis regulation and enforcement as Colorado and Washington State show the way. Governor Moonbeam suggests watching Colorado and Washington succeed is an answer? How long will states watch Colorado’s recreational and medical markets grow, along with an estimated $185 million Colorado state tax revenue in 2014. Leadership in growing California’s cannabis industry properly as the Feds laid out; well regulated and enforced, is lacking. My guess is that Cannabis will be federally DESCHEDULED by Pres. Obama on his way out in 2015. I have believed this since 2009. Regulation as a supplement makes perfect sense. Cannabis is safer than St. John’s Wart or SamE.
    Gov. Brown, show your leadership on Cannabis, do not dismiss a new growing industry. Support the CA Cannabis Industry. We pay our Government to uphold CA law, right? “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. Change happens. . . Mark

  2. mexweed says:

    Suppose we try the pcsf Proposed Cannabis Success Formula:


    In your piece above you have thanked the Governor and gone part way toward forgiving him too, you understand like Obama he has to do some things that look hypocritical because the enemies that can destroy a politician for supporting cannabis liberation have well-funded attack-dog instant-response media mechanisms in place aimed at him. Words like “Brown” and “Moonbeam” will appear next to weird pictures etc.

    The entire system is rigged to protect certain slave empires, of which one, the H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette marketing industry, has (and wants to keep) 1.2 BILLION nicotine $lave $ubjects worldwide. A “pack-a-day” habit in New York City is now worth over $4000 per year revenue stream to the “syndicate” of vendor, distributor, manufacturer, tobacco farmer etc.

    The $igarette FORMAT itself is the major cause of their earnings triumph– the customer is hooked on it as much as on the tobacco and spends money more wastefully than would be necessary with another administration method. If such an addict, following the example of wise advanced cannabis aficionados, switched to using a cheap handmade Long-Drawtube One-Hitter for 40 single tokes a day (25 mg each, total one gram) instead of lighting up another 700 mg $igarette 20 times a day, even though retaining a nicotine habit, they would be buying 1/14 as much tobacco ($286 a year).

    The user can tear a tiny piece off a $igarette and vape it in the one-hitter, getting 28 servings (and you can salvage for art use a clean, unstinky filter). How will Big 2WackGo make enough money? (Oh, but what if they catch you, that’s “paraphernalia”.)

    Their other scare– what if some “heavy” customers start SUBSTITUTING newly affordable cannabis for tobacco? In recent years the price of cannabis has usually been ten times that of an equivalent weight of $igarette tobacco. If the prices were equal, who would settle for the bad-smelling addictive stuff?

    I saw an estimate that tobacco has sales of $400 billion a year, and a claim that including bootleg it’s near a $trillion. The size of the money at stake translates to desperation to keep Presidents and Governors in line on the cannabis issue.

    How does Forgive—> Convert—> Redeploy figure in this situation?

    Cannabis users are smart and inventive. Don’t wait for tobacco farmers to invent a way out of their looming financial crash, invent and design jobs they can accept and shift to without losing self-esteem or drastic loss of status. University programs to teach members of tobacco-raising families about forestry, tree-planting, i.e. restore the great hardwood forests in North Carolina that were logged to make way for present-day tobacco fields. A year or two of HEMP crops serves as a good precursor for tree-planting, so teach them how to raise, process, use, market hemp products.

    I personally believe in short terms so forgiveness to Brown implies not reelecting him in 2016 but finding another job he can do, inspirationally and if he wishes administratively. The Brownspliff means putting a POTseed in some POTting soil in a brown paper bag or other roll-up paper carrier, making a hole under some shrubbery with a dibble stick, standing the spliff upright, where it will get moderate shade from the bushes overhead and gentle water drippage during rainstorms. A high percentage will grow to seed and industrial hemp will be weed #1 everywhere, every leaf or stem usable any time alive or dead. Brown could preside over that program.

    Another example: G. W. Bush was pictured in a 2001 wirephoto ax in hand with headline, “Bush takes a whack at forest fires”. Bush could head an agency named Bushwater, which means picking up all the firehazard dead branches and dry litter in drought-stricken forests, trimming logs and poles for carpentry use, and piling the remaining non-workable woodfibre materials in gullies to retard stormwater runoff and promote local evaporation and rainfall.

  3. Roger says:

    “announced that he would wait and see how the Colorado and Washington legalization laws work out before he would sign a legalization bill.” In other words if they make a lot of money then legalization would be a good thing.

    There are enough Cannabis users to make a voting block that would be hard to beat, that is how a small but very organized group brought on the prohibition of alcohol. I appreciate all the hard work of the people who have brought us this far, now lets get rid of bums like Brown.

  4. Lenny says:

    So no matter what law gets passed it makes no real difference to what we are doing. We are going to grow, smoke, give, share, sell, transport, smuggle and most important heal people with this great plant. It really is gods gift.

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