Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #30: Legal Grey Area

An acquaintance approached me a few weeks ago and told me that he has been growing in partnership with a “buddy” who he had known for quite a few years. His buddy’s recently kicked him off the land (owned by the buddy) after he had spent the entire summer working on a big grow. He asked me what he could do about it and I’m stumped. Using legal means such as the courts is out of the question because of the illegal and ambiguous stance of cannabis even in states where cannabis is legal. Even then the courts would have no jurisdiction because there was no written contract. What would you do in this situation? I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this question.

17 Responses to “Ask Ed Marijuana Grow Tip #30: Legal Grey Area”
  1. Breezy says:

    if any money had exchanged hands as “rent” your bud could have refused to leave & the cops would have backed him up.

  2. James says:

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  3. Suzi says:

    If I could calm down enough, I would try to reason, appeal to his higher self and suggest he do the right thing and pay me off in kind for my contributions to the project.
    Otherwise, what else to do but let everyone in the community know how he ripped me off. That kind of bad business, not to mention the lack of respect for ones friends, should be exposed so the next potential “friend” or partner knows what they’re dealing with.
    Hopefully, it gets around before others get used and abused by this guy.
    What a jerk. Unfortunately, I’ve heard similar stories.
    It seems if you destroy your reputation with the nice people, you’re left to deal with the less than stellar, maybe the next partner will rip him off and he’ll make the connection.
    I’m a dreamer.
    What to do?
    It’s still only money, only pot. It’s not worth getting ugly. Hope the guy that got ripped can shoulder the loss.
    Sad story. Sometimes people suck.

  4. Two words: powdery mildew. Then whip out the milk. I mean it is very unfortunate he was “had” in that manner but if the “buddy” wasn’t willing to be entirely civil about it, it would be hard not to have some karmatic opinions about the situation. I would of course try and talk about my “buddies” actions with him when I brought the milk over with a smile, but either way. : )
    Felisha Snell

  5. Gene Courter DCSW/LCSW/BCD says:

    Do nothing and pray for your friend. He apparently has mental health problems.

    • jim says:

      You’ve gotta be fucking retarded. You think god is going to solve the problem? I have something to tell you, Gene: god isn’t real. God is only a dream thought up by those who are too weak-hearted and unintelligent to find solutions to life’s real problems. Please do humankind a favor and apply your passions to something more productive.

  6. Classyathome says:

    Plastic water bottles – filled with gasoline…

    Apply liberally on his vehicle, on his roof, on his garage – into his crop…

    Strike a match…

    Watch him become regretful – immediately.


  7. Wayne Walshe says:

    a “friend that is not me” recently had a similar situation … if you want to stand your ground and risk involving the police, then you can’t risk losing your plants as well .. this was back in the summer when plants about to go into flower. He CAREFULLY dug them out with as much rootball as possible, transplanted into very large pots (100L) and then transported somewhere else .. they then needed nursery care for a few weeks (shock treatment and shading), but they did all nearly survive, and the end crop, whilst not what he had hoped for was better than nothing. He is staying where he was, if the police come now he is in the right. Incidentally the one plant he left in the ground was stolen, stupidly 3 weeks before due and still full of chemicals. Here’s his tale:

  8. Rambo says:

    I can’t help but feel that there is probably more to the story that has been shared. While the situation sounds like a shitty one, I’ve been in the other person shoes and had to dismiss a partner who couldn’t keep a low profile. If a partners behavior is attracting unwanted attention then its time to part ways. Rocking the tunes, firing off firearms, parties, and not handling warrants etc. are all very good reasons to end a partnership mid year. This industry has not matured and many of the people in the industry have not matured either. In my opinion, it is just part of the risk you take by being part of a fringe community. My only advice. Be a man. Talk about the situation and if it can’t be resolved either go home or put you dukes up.

  9. Mizaun says:

    Simple answer. DON’T TRUST ANYONE WHO IS AN ADDICT!!! When one becomes an addict, and not to pot alone, but other things as well then such things as “friendship, loyalty, trust, honor, and anything else where trust is needed” goes out the window. Drug users tend to care more about money & drugs then true friends. Plain and simple. More often then not I will see one persons “friend” rip them off, only to see them hanging out again a week later. It seems once you become a druggie, you are only surrounded by fellow druggies. And as anyone who has been one can tell you, YOU CAN’T TRUST A ADDICT!!! They will steal from you, then help you look for said item. They will act like your friend to your face, and talk shit about you when your not there. There is no trust, no real friends, or no gain with others when your in this life. You will always have the same types around. If you hang with users, you will meet users, which leads to meeting more users. Sooner or later you will be robbed or narked on. Either way you can’t trust anyone in the drug world. Drugs & money become more important then trust & real friends. AS for the situation above, it seems this dude could care less what he did to his “So called friend” I say do one of two things.. 1. Wait till you know he is gone, go there and steal all you can. 2. Call the cops as a person who is worried there is “Drug dealing” going on, and get him busted. Those who claim telling others will give him a bad name and make people no longer deal with him is a fool. Drug users go where the drugs are. If a person wants their drug of choice and they have to deal with a shady person to get them, then they deal with a shady person.

    • Rawrr says:

      Addict..? The word addict wasn’t even used, and I highly highly doubt that he was a “marijuana addict” (seeing how its less addicting then fucking caffeine), and even if he were, why would that make him untrustable? You are relating cannabis users to ppl who use crack, meth, heroin and other actual drugs. Those ppl generally can’t be trusted that well. But generally, ppl who use strickly cannabis don’t turn into the monsters that your trying to protray them as. Some ppl are just assholes, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with the fact that he smokes weed.

  10. Rambo says:

    @ Mizaun – You seem to be projecting your problems onto this conversation. No one said anything about either of these people being drug addicts. You, however sound like you speak from experience, and worse then an addict you’re a fascist. “Call the cops as a person who is worried there is “Drug dealing” going on, and get him busted.” Really? You sound like and even bigger lowlife than the addicts you talk about. What ever happened to the good old days. People used to be able to work out their differences man to man without having to call big brother to get even for them. I’ve lived my whole life surrounded by the cannabis industry. Sure their are rip offs and their are drug addicts, but by in large, norther California’s cannabis industry is run by good hearted hard working people just trying to make a living in a rural and economically bleak area. 98% of them are not drug addicts, narks, or rip offs. You’ve only brought negativity and bad advice to this conversation.

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